The Varley Art Gallery, 216 Main Street Unionville, Community Room Markham, Ontario  
Jun 15, 2017 | 6:00 pm

Vistas: Dancers of the Grass (2009 | 2 min), by Melanie Jackson

A stunning display of a stop-motion animation, Dancers of the Grass vividly depicts the majesty of the hoop dance, a tradition symbolizing the unity of all nations.

Wapos Bay: Journey Through Fear (2006 | 24 min), by Melanie Jackson

In episode 2 from the Wapos Bay series, Aboriginal Day festivities are getting underway, but there’s even more cause for excitement in Wapos Bay. T-Bear unexpectedly spends the night in the fire tower after he climbs up and is too afraid to come down. Jacob goes up to get his son and realizes he’s scared too. In an amusing twist, the story is reported as a political protest on TV. Meanwhile, Raven doesn’t want to go fishing with her mother, Sarah, because she’s frightened of the river. Sarah helps her daughter feel at ease in open water, one step at a time. Through their respective experiences, both Raven and T-Bear discover how important honesty, patience and courage are, especially when you’re scared.

Vistas: Walk-in-the-Forest (2009 | 3 min), by Diane Obomsawin

This whimsical animation, reminiscent of NFB classics, follows medicine man Walk-in-the-forest on a walk in the woods that leads to the discovery of an intriguing secret world.

Wapos Bay: Time Management (2010 | 22 min), by Dennis Jackson

In episode 27 from the Wapos Bay series, Devon finds a time portal in the forest and takes T-Bear and Talon into the future, where they discover that environmental damage caused by a large mining corporation in the past has impacted the Earth. The boys are then sent back in time by the leader of the resistance, David Suzuki, to stop the mining project from going ahead.

Vistas: Wave a Red Flag (2009 | 4 min), by Adam Garnet Jones

On her way to school, a teenage girl’s display of Native pride sparks a celebration of community and culture.

Markham Public Library in celebration of Aboriginal History Month at the Varley Art Gallery. More information here and reservations here.

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