Toronto Public Library - Reference Library, Beeton Hall, Main Floor, 789 Yonge Street Toronto, Ontario  
Oct 12, 2017 | 6:00 pm

Inuuvunga – Je suis Inuk. Je suis vivant (2004 | 57 min), by Mila Aung-ThwinDaniel CrossBobby EchalookBrett GaylorSarah IdloutLaura IqalukLinus KasudluakWillia NingeokCaroline NingiukDora Ohaituk Rita-Lucy Ohaituk

In this feature-length documentary, 8 Inuit teens with cameras offer a vibrant and contemporary view of life in Canada’s North. They also use their newly acquired film skills to confront a broad range of issues, from the widening communication gap between youth and their elders to the loss of their peers to suicide. In Inuktitut and English with French subtitles.

In collaboration with CCUNESCO. More information here.

Film presented in French. 

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