Toronto Public Library - Humber Bay Branch, 200 Park Lawn Road Toronto, Ontario  
Nov 04, 2017 | 2:00 pm

Nunavut Animation Lab: The Bear Facts (2010 | 4 min), by Jonathan Wright

In this animated short, a self-important colonial explorer emerges from a sailing ship and plants a flag on the Arctic ice, as a bemused Inuit hunter looks on. Then the explorer plants another, and another, and another, while the hunter, clearly not impressed that his land has been “discovered,” quietly goes about his business. In this charming and humorous re-imagining of first contact between Inuit and European, Jonathan Wright brings us the story of a savvy hunter and the ill-equipped explorer he outwits.

The Ballad of Crowfoot (1968 | 10 min), by Willie Dunn

This short film examines the situation of Indigenous people in North America through the figure of Isapo-muxika (Crowfoot), the legendary 19th-century Siksika chief. A rapid montage of archival photos, etchings and contemporary newspaper clippings is married to the words and music of an impassioned ballad written by Mi’kmaq singer and songwriter Willie Dunn.

In collaboration with CCUNESCO. More information here.

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