First Nations Garden, Botanical Garden, 4101 Sherbrooke Street East Montreal, Quebec  
Jun 21, 2017 | 10:30 am - 4:00 pm

Admission fees may apply to access site.

Short Film Program (98 min, on a loop)

On the occasion of National Aboriginal Day, discover the history, culture and traditions of First Nations peoples in Canada through this rich selection of colourful and insightful short films. On the program: myths, stories and legends for children, traditional practices, the arts, dance, song, cultural identity, poetry, and much more. Stop by more than once during the day and steep yourself in the beauty of cultures that are a key part of the complex fabric of our country.

Films are either in English or wordless, unless indicated otherwise. More information here.

Vistas – Little Thunder
Canada Vignettes: June in Povungnituk – Quebec Arctic
Stories From Our Land: Family Making Sleds
Vistas – Dancers of the Grass
Le chemin rouge – in French
Chroniques de notre terre natale: Si l’on veut se marier, il faut apprendre à construire un igloo – in French
Stories From Our Land: Innigiruti – The Thing That Sings
Maq et l’esprit de la forêt – in French
Labo d’animation du Nunavut: La version de l’ours – in French
Vistas: Walk-in-the Forest
Wapikoni Mobile: Tshitashun (Chiffre) – subtitled in English
Chroniques de notre terre natale: Flux et reflux – in French
Labo d’animation du Nunavut: Je ne suis qu’une petite femme – in French
Wapikoni Mobile: Vivre Comme Anna – in French
Vistas: Inukshop
Nimmikaage (She Dances for People)

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